At the end of the 19th century, the Canadian government issued a ban on any form of gambling. Throughout the years, the laws have changed in order to allow various gambling activities to take place, to the point where it has today become a national pastime activity.

Gambling is currently a $13 billion a year in Canada. A good portion of this revenue comes from the fast-growing segment of mobile casinos. While traditional forms of gambling are regulated across the countries different provinces and territories, these online gambling activities have the advantage of being able to operate regardless of regional laws and regulations due to the fact that they take place in a virtual environment.

Although it is in a “legal grey area” online gambling is still regulated. Online casinos that provide gambling services to Canadian citizens without being approved and licensed by the government are considered to be illegal.

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The grey area becomes more apparent when referring to online gambling services offered by companies that are based outside the country. These are considered legal as Canadians laws do not apply to them, thus they can only be regulated by the countries from which they originate.

This having been said, online casinos continue to attract more and more people not only because of the speed at which the games unfold, but also due to the fact for many people that it is much easier to simply log into a service and play from the comfort of their homes.

The growing trend of online gambling services

The fact that approximately 70% of Canadians gambling shows that this activity has become accepted. However, how popular are mobile casinos in Canada?

More and more people have started using online gambling services in the last 4 years, to the point where now approximately 25% of the individuals who usually gamble do so in online casinos.

This trend continues to grow as most online gambling services also offer the option to play for free. This means that individuals may take part in various gambling activities without having the possibility to win or lose money. A growing segment of the gambling population is represented by Canadian citizens that are 18 years old, as this is the age required to enter an online casino.

The popularity of online casinos keeps growing with each passing year not only due to the fact that these services allow gamblers to play “for fun”, but also because there are more choices than with traditional establishments. In addition, more and more people tend to choose online gambling services in favor of traditional ones because they allow for a greater degree of privacy and are much more discreet.

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If you have played online games in New Zealand, you must have come across the Spin Palace online casinos. It is among the top gaming platforms you get as it is rated highly. Every often, you find new outfits released to make gamers get the new experience. The residents, while choosing must be careful and use a credible site.

Register and Download

The Spin Palace online casinos is a Microgaming site, trusted by gamers because it gives a good experience. Gamers get familiar and innovative games to choose. The New Zealand Gamers can play it as it is tested to the international standards. It only takes you some few minutes to download the software, register and then you are ready to gamble.

When you scroll through the site, there are over 400 games. In fact, this site gives you a 97% RTP.

There are several features you get at Spin Palace online casinos

· Progressive jackpot slots

· More than 450 casino games

· 52 varieties of the video poker

· 97% paying ratio

· 24hour client support

· $1000 welcome bonus

· Safe security features

The promotions

For any online Casino to get many gamblers using it, it must have offers that attract new clients. It is the welcome bonus. If you qualify for the $1000 bonus, it is a lot of cash.

The first welcome bonus is divided into three. For a gamer to access them, they must make three separate deposits in the account within one week of signup.

Each bonus is released one at a time. The first deposit gives you 100% match bonus of up to $150

The second deposit is 25% of the match bonus with up to $125

The third deposit is 50% match bonus of up to %100

Before withdrawing the deposits bonuses and winnings, your bonus is subjected to 40* play through.

Sunday bonus

This is available for New Zealand gamers, provided at a rate of NZ%520.

It is valid each Sunday for a year, calculated from the 2nd Sundays once you have registered. However, you must make a minimum deposit of %100. For every Sunday, you qualify, you get 100 free spins

The anniversary bonus

After one year elapses after registering, you get %100% of up to 100. You also get another extra 05. It is subjected to 40* play through

Loyalty rewards

If you use the Spin Palace online casinos in New Zealand, there are loyalty rewards. Each person becomes a member of a loyalty club upon signing based on play. You can be Blue, Silver Gold, Platinum, Diamond or VIP member. You receive higher rewards as you move up to the highest loyalty rewards. Players earn points when they play.

A player can take part in the daily, weekly or the monthly pokies tourneys using the downloadable version. It allows veracious NZ online payment options

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