When it comes to the craps games, various RTG casinos have a choice from a wide range of different kind of rules regarding the game. This situation makes playing craps in an Realtime Casino a matter of choosing the casino that gives out the best odds. The Realtime Gaming consist of a crap game which can be located in the Specialty games section through the software. The graphics of the game are not as high as you would expect in today’s time, but it does the job perfectly. If you hover your mouse on the table highlights, you will be able to see the areas where you can bet and it will display the betting type of bets and any limit.

All the Realtime Gaming powered casinos have little bit different pay outs which is a bit odd where some casinos offer flat double odds on the game, some of the others offer 3X odds. Another one of the changes which occurs in different casinos is the pay for the field 12 where some casinos pays double while some pays triple. You will have to choose very wisely when you select which casino to play in. The three casinos mentioned below are considered to be the best casinos using this software and they will make sure you receive all your money via winnings in a regular and manner. Each one of the following casinos have different rules which are mentioned and all three of them will grant you a guaranteed bonus for when you join any one of these casinos for the first time. Following are the three casinos that offer the best odds in the game of craps in Realtime Gaming:

Best Casinos For Online Craps Games For RTG

1. Bovada Casino.
Double odds and field 12 (3 to 1)
2. Lucky Red Casino.
3X odds and field 12 (2 to 1)
3. Club World.
3X odds and field 12 (3 to 1)

Realtime Gaming was launched in 1999 and currently powers more than hundred different online casinos. It might not look bad but in reality, many of the RTG casinos are rouge operators who will always delay your winnings or sometimes not even deliver your winnings to you. It is quite a shame that the software actually gives loads of games to play with but if you decide to stick with the above mentioned three casinos then you will not have any payment issues and will also have 24/7 customer support on your side. Which casino offers the best should not be your criteria of picking a casino but it’s customer support and payout plans should be what makes up your mind.

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